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“Dance improves our lives, not only physically but mentally”.           

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Making a Positive Impact

As a Certified Dance teacher and professional Nutritionist Dietitian my passion is to guide people towards a healthier lifestyle by combining both dance and nutritional health.
I do it teaching fun choreographies, simple and clear technical fundamentals with a cardio/tone workout focus and giving my students nutritional advice when required. 
I believe dance is a whole, hence why in the last 12 years I have developed my dance skills in the versatility of multiple styles. For 5 years I have been teaching and sharing dance as a great way of exercise that helps us to connect with a free version of ourselves and others. 
Dance improves our lives, not only physically but mentally.
I want to share with you my passion for teaching,  dance and life, and influence you to discover your potential: The happy healthy dancer we all have inside.

Stress Less, Dance More!

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Stress Less, Dance More

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 Group Dance Classes

The Happy Challenge

A unique program developed over a1.5 month process to learn different urban dance styles in a motivating community, with the option of preparing a group performance to share the result of your learning process at the end of the term.
In this program you will upgrade your fitness, body awareness, confidence and musicality.

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C MON DANCE students



"It took a while for me to decide get into these classes. At the beginning I was frustrated because of my overweight but Valentina and the crew motivated me. It has been 2 years now, I have been dancing almost every week, I also have done a nutritional process with Valentina. I can say I am a different person: confident, empowered and above all, happy. I found in this space a better version of myself and the best friends"


"It's a space that takes me out of the routine. I feel I am improving a lot since I started the classes"


"The classes were very engaging. Every day I was looking forward to do the classes, challenging myself while doing exercise and contributing to improve my mental health. The classes showed a high level of professionalism, creativity and design. Valentina truly managed to make the clases feel both personal by guiding you depending on your level, and as a community, making you feel part of something. In addition, dividing into two groups to do the choreography was very enjoyable too"


"I tried to go to other academies but I didn't feel comfortable with the people or teachers. Valentina has a different energy. With her is not just about the movements, is about enjoying, knowing yourself, doing new friends and finding the confidence I didn't know I was missing"


"Since I started taking classes one year and a half ago I have learnt so much from Valentina. She is a very passionate, hard worker and creative teacher. And the classmates are amazing. I am so grateful for this little family"


"It' been 3 years since I was able to attend a dance class after having a baby. I  always wanted to learn reggaeton but never found a teacher years ago. Having online classes opened up an opportunity for me to attend easily.  The classes are fun, challenging, with a supportive class group. Valentina is easy to follow and really knows music and her dance styles and teaches perfectly."


Valentina's classes are the best! I love her style and routines. Her live classes are very engaging, if you're struggling with any moves she'll take the time to break it down and go through it with you. Her online classes are amazing too because she clearly explains what she's doing and how it's done in great details which is harder because she needs to do the move but explain it for the other side of the body as it's on camera. Aside from her professionalism she has brought us (students) all together and created a little family by the social events she has organized. All in all, highly recommended instructor!

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